Drei Manager im Geschäftsgespräch, Master General Management studieren an der TRIAGON Akademie

Master in Leadership and Strategic Management– international Master’s degree alongside your job in just 1.5 years!

Degree: Master of Science in Leadership and Strategic Management

Application Deadline: 22nd February | Programme Start: 1st March

  • Master in just 1.5 years
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Internationally recognized degree
  • Career Advancement and higher Salary
  • With interactive attendance seminars
  • Reputable lectures from the industry
  • Practical Expert Knowledge
  • Fair price

You have got your Bachelor in Your Pocket and are thriving in your professional life? Now You want to kick off your career, assume responsibility in a management position, lead teams and contribute to the company’s economical success?
We have got the right Master programs for you particularly designed for developing your leadership competences . Our innovative study concept is ideal for learning the practical and academic fundamentals of leadership, corporate management and strategy development in only 1.5 years alongside your job .

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Overview of the M.Sc. in Leadership and Strategic Management

Duration of study:1.5 years
European Credit Transfer:90 ECTS points
Study model:Alongside your job in full or part-time
Study Concept:

Web-enhanced learning format:

  • Study online via e-learning or our webinars on our learning platform
  • Practical-oriented attendance periods usually on weekends
Focus areas:Management, Leadership, Development of Leadership Competences, Human Resource Management, Innovation Management, Change Management
Study locations:Germany: Ismaning (near Munich), Berlin, Unna (near Cologne); Switzerland: Berne; Austria: Vienna; Malta
Quality Seal:Internationally accredited via the London Metropolitan University
Follow-up programs:Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Management: what is it about?

Executive Management has to find a balance of economic responsibility for competitiveness, sales figures and development on one hand and leadership, motivation and organizational development on the other hand.
During the determination of corporate goals and the search for trends, innovation and competitive advancement not only creative and academic thinking and acting are essential. Applied, scientifically substantiated expertise and the purposeful usage of instruments, such as   analysis techniques , make all the difference during the optimization of business and production strategy.
However the most important key to the company’s success lies with the employees. What incentives does the company create to motivate to employees even in difficult times? What processes of change do the employees have to be prepared for and how can these be managed strategically? These are only a few of the challenges executives and managers have to face. The theoretical and practical know-how for a sovereign acting and decision making You build up during Your Master Year.

Recognition and Accreditation of the Study Programme

This programme is accredited by the Maltese National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE). NCFHE deems this study programme to be at level 7 of the Malta Qualification Framework and the European Qualification Framework for Life Long Learning.

1.5 -Years Master in a flexible mix of online and attendance seminars!

Our innovative Blended Learning Concept in one sentence: Just as flexible as You are!
This awaits you:

  • Online learning platform for your self-study
  • Attendance periods on weekends
  • Expert workshops
  • Learning based on case studies
  • Individual project work

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our student advisors – they will gladly answer any questions you may have!

You can easily complete your studies next to your job. However, whether you prefer to work or not is completely up to you and not relevant for your enrolment.

Master in 1.5 years and working next to it is impossible ?! It is not impossible! Our flexible time and place-independent study model focuses on blended learning and combines high-quality didactic and multimedia-based study materials for self-study with just a few face-to-face seminars.
The compact study concept takes into account the special requirements of modern management development. A large part of the practical study achievements aims at the application of theoretical knowledge and methods in Your professional practice.Your personal development is stimulated by the targeted use of learning and reflection techniques, the exchange with Your fellow students in virtual meetings and individual tutorial mentoring with supervision and study coaching.
All modules offer virtual classrooms and webinars via the learning platform. In the attendance seminars (usually, on weekends), key competences are trained through workshops, group work, challenges and other interactive teaching methods, and scientific content is deepened.
Appointments with your tutors for the accompaniment of your project work or a personal coaching you can vote individually at any time.
As you can see: you can ideally combine your studies in terms of time and content with your profession!

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Course of study and study content in Master Management

The course, which focuses on strategic management and corporate governance, comprises seven modules , that you pass through one after the other.
When it comes to leadership , you will be dealing with leadership styles, leadership, human resource management, motivation and communication.

Techniques of process optimization and strategy development are the keywords of strategic management and innovation management. Which methods and techniques are used by the experts and top managers, you prove in case studies.
In addition, you will gain insights into current basic research on leadership and management theory and the possibilities of empirical data collection . With this knowledge, you can skillfully prove your expertise empirically.
Your skills in project management, time management and key competencies are challenged in all modules. Thus, in a short time important learning effects for your personality development.

Potential areas of concentration are:

  • entrepreneurship
  • E-Business
  • Product & Services Management
  • Market research
  • Intercultural management
  • Change management
  • Management in SMEs or non-profit organizations

Your Modules in the degree course Management & Leadership:

1. Creating and Managing resources for Value

Your learning contents are:

  • Corporate Value and Value Creation
  • Corporate Strategy and Development
  • Market Analysis and Market Research
  • Marketing Tools and Marketing Mix
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Investment, Financing and Controlling

Your lerning process:
With the necessary background knowledge, you will learn to analyze and assess the resources and capacities of companies and their added value and production processes. In the team you work on case studies and present the results. As an specialization, you will explore the potential of your own business by analyzing it using business methods. You will write your individual homework about this.

2. Fundamentals of management and leadership

Your learning contents are:

  • Management Theory
  • Manegement Concepts, Management Behavior and Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication and Soft Skills
  • Motivation and Incentive Systems
  • Leadership and Ethics

Your learning progress:
In the attendance seminars and the virtual classrooms you will be introduced to the exciting world of management and leadership topics. Surely you already know some of the typical challenges from your working life. In this module, you have the opportunity to deal intensively with problem areas of your job and to work out solution approaches, for example in the form of suitable personnel development strategies. You present these in front of your group and work them out in a written housework.

3. Leadership development

Your learning contents are:

  • Leadership and Leadership Performance
  • Leadership for Profit and Non-Profit Businesses
  • Team Leadership and Team Developement
  • Leatership compared to Management
  • Learning- and Reflection Techniques for Managers

Your learning process:
You will deal intensively with leadership styles and leaders and work on case studies in the group. The greatest learning effect you will have, if you use instruments of leadership development, especially psychologically proven reflection and learning techniques yourself and record the knowlege you gained.

4. Developing Organisational Capabilities

Your learning contents are:

  • Social and Corporate Responsibility
  • Organisational Capacity and Performance
  • Business Transformation and Change Management
  • Exploring the company’s potential using examples from the fields of human resources, added value, supply chain and asset management

Your learning process:
You will conduct a comprehensive company analysis on a concrete example and explore potentials in the company processes and structures. In a written elaboration you explain your recommendations for a sustainable process optimization.

5. Evidence-Based Management

Your learning contents are:

  • Scientific work
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods and research designs
  • Recent studies in management and leadership research

Your learning process:
In the seminars and virtual classrooms, you will discuss interesting studies in leadership and management research with your fellow students. You will deepen Your scientific work on a focus of Your choice. You create an annotated literature and study list and sketch the current state of research. That way, you will have done pretty good preparatory work for your possible final project (module 7).

6. Advances in Strategy

Your learning contents are:

  • Corporate Strategy and Business
  • Strategic and Creative Thinking for Managers
  • Mission, Goals, Stakeholder Analysis
  • Innovation Management
  • Project and Process Management in Strategic Management

Your learning process:
You will work on a case study and determine the factors of successful corporate strategies. After studying selected literature, you examine your own company and develop a strategy design for an exemplary project.

7. Leadership Project

Your learning contents are:

  • Final Thesis with practical-oriantated questions
  • (Research-) Project Management
  • Supervision and tutorial support

Your learning process:
You complete your master’s program with an independent (research) project with a thesis under supervision and tutorial support. With your fellow students, you can exchange ideas about your project progress in virtual classrooms and attendance workshops (colloquia). At a final conference you present your results.

Study locations: where can I get my Masters degree in management?

The training programs can be visited at all TRIAGON campus locations. These include our main location in Germany: Ismaning (near Munich), Berlin, Unna (near Dortmund); Austria (Vienna); Switzerland: Berne and Malta. At all locations you will find:

  • Modern campus facility with attractive seminar rooms
  • Multi-media equipment
  • Cafeteria including varied food
  • Sufficient places to stay
  • Very good traffic connection near the city center


Steinheilstraße 4 – 8, 85737 Ismaning

Wellersbergplatz 1, 59427 Unna Germany

Vulkanstraße 1, 10367 Berlin

Seestradtstraße 27, 1220 Wien Austria

18th Avenue Maccarthy Hill Accra, Accra Ghana

Target group and personal requirements

The Master in Management and Strategic Leadership is aimed at (prospective) executives who bring their first leadership experience (for example for teams or projects). Since the coursework is closely based on professional practice and entrepreneurial activities, you should be working. Alternatively, you can also use the program if you are seeking self-employment or if you are in a vocational orientation and further training phase with an internship.

If you have a different professional qualification or work experience, please contact us – we will advise you individually

A certain amount of time can pass between the Bachelor and the Master. Despite changing circumstances, you can continue studying at the Triagon. We have considered many things:

  • Studying in middle age
  • Studying with a toddler
  • Studying with disabilities

Other helpful features would be:

  • Business knowledge
  • Identification with responsible activities (esp. Personnel management and management)
  • Good self and time management for the phases of your self-study
  • Openness and willingness to learn through self-reflection, analysis, feedback, supervision

Job outline Managment

Where do Managers work?

Graduates of the degree program work in all sectors, from small private companies to internationally operating corporate groups in responsible positions.
Possible fields of employment are industrial and commercial enterprises, banking and finance, insurance, construction and real estate, internet, media, IT companies, event management, tourism; as well as in the field of management consulting, services, non-profit organizations and associations.

What tasks do Managers take on?

The areas of responsibility of a graduate are highly dependent on the size of the company and the company structure in addition to the professional experience and personal suitability. In general, the smaller the company, the faster you can qualify for management, top management and executive positions.

Managers are active in all areas and departments of the company. They are responsible for personnel teams and organizational units.

The tasks are numerous, the core is::

  • Planning the company goals and positioning the company
  • Human resources and personnel management
  • Control of the business organization and the added value process
  • Strategy development (e.g., corporate strategy, brand strategy)
  • Execution of economic (analysis) methods (for example industry analysis, competitive analysis, portfolio analysis, financing and investment calculations)

What are the future opportunities of Managers?

The chances for the future are very good as you can work as a graduate in all sectors and in different professional fields. You are qualified for all tasks of corporate management, corporate planning and development, which allows you a wide range of tasks.

You can currently find particularly good entry opportunities in the financial, trade, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors and in the professional fields of purchasing, marketing, human resources or IT.

What do Managers earn?

Your salary after the master depends i.a. from the industry, the size of the company and the form of the employer. Other decisive factors are your previous (leadership) experience and not least the region in which you want to gain a foothold in your career.
Your starting salary may differ significantly from that of a Bachelor graduate. After completing your Masters, it will probably be on a scale of € 36,000 to € 50,000, with your salary opportunities increasing with increasing responsibility, especially in the next four to five years can rise rapidly.

Entry requirements

As a  prerequisite for admission to the Master Program Management and Strategic Leadership you need a first university degree (at least Bachelor). A reference to the economics or business administration is advantageous, but not mandatory. If you bring a non-specialist degree, you should still have acquired some basic business knowledge in Business Management.

Further Requirements:

  • Proof of English language skills (at least level B2)
  • Language proficiency at a B2 level referred to CEFR in the language of instruction
  • Traditional university entrance qualification / high school diploma NOT required

Detailed information on this topic can be found at Entry Requirements .

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Tuition Fees and Financing

The entire program has a price of Euros 9,850 (introductory price), well below the cost of other private universities.

The  Tuition Fees  can be paid on a monthly or semester basis.

There are many ways to finance a degree course . The simplest variant of the study financing is the extra-occupational study. Here you work beside the study and earn money to finance the tuition fees. In addition, a range of public and private financing options can be used.

We are happy to advise you on the topic of student finance info@triagon.mt.