Professional Competences

Our goal is to prepare you optimally for current and future challenges in the job market and to strengthen your professional and personal development. We therefore pay special attention to practical skills, transfer of learning into professional practice and cross-profession key qualifications. For you, this means as much theory as necessary and as much practice as possible.

This approach can be found in all TRIAGON programmes, no matter what level. We have not only geared the choice of learning content to future trends and requirements, but have also created didactical models and study formats that provide ideal practical relevance.

Central methodical and didactical elements of the TRIAGON programmes are:

  • Project-based learning: project work and project realization (including comprehensive final project as individual best practice reference)
  • Action Learning: Integrated Practical Phases / Internships
  • Reflective learning: using learning and reflection techniques and transfer tasks, supported by learning portfolios and learning agreements
  • Training of key competences and business skills
  • Supervision, coaching, tutor mentoring
  • Professional lecturers with a practical background
  • Exchange and contact with companies and specialist branches (for example, by guest lectures, excursions)