Modern Web-enhanced Learning

Today is hard to imagine without e-learning in the education industry. No surprise, because it has a variety of advantages for in-service training and further education. You will benefit as a TRIAGON participant. Of course as a modern and international education academy we offer you a didactically prepared virtual learning environment!

With us you become a user of the TRIAGON learning platform. With your account, you can log into your personal course areas at any time and from any place. You can access a variety of study materials, exercises, scripts, and additional services such as virtual office hours and online libraries 24 hours a day.

In our Bachelor and Master pogrammes, our learning platform is the central element of the didactic format web-enhanced face-to-face learning, we mix virtual live face-to-face phases with a balanced proportion of self-study via e-learning. And we would like to add: Even if you are self-studying, you’re never alone. Communication and interaction are central functions of the learning platform. See for yourself!


The following functions and didactic elements are offered on the TRIAGON learning platform:

  • Virtual Seminars and Meetings, also known as Virtual Classrooms or Webinars: for sharing and subject input by faculty, tutors or participants
  • Scripts, instructional texts and journals: scripted lectures, excerpts from the specialist literature
  • Presentations and slideshows (partly with soundtrack)
  • Conversation forums and chats: for all participants of a course or for small groups
  • Exercises, tasks, knowledge tests: eg to review your learning goals at the end of a lesson
  • Interactive learning apps and video tutorials
  • Upload function: Upload your results or chores to share with your instructors or classmates
  • Feedback tools for lecturers and tutors
  • Online consultation and online supervision
  • Learning Journals: In some modules we rely on Reflexive Learning, i. You document your learning progress through individual records
  • Access to online libraries and scientific databases


The advantages of our learning format:

  • Compatibility of job, family, leisure time and study periods
  • Flexible timing: study at your own pace
  • Location independence: Learning from home, at work or on the go
  • Use of learning platform via PC / Internet connection and smartphone
  • Pleasant organization of the courses in the same way as for your learning phases: introductory chapter, subject input, degree (eg summary or knowledge test for learning control)
  • Multimedia preparation of the learning materials appeals to all learning types and ensures high learning effects
  • Enables intensive preparation and follow-up of the classroom seminars as well as exam preparation
  • Accessibility: Personal Online Lecturers are available at all times. You can also see who is currently online from your own course
  • International networking: Exchange ideas with participants from our other locations.