Combining Bachelor and Career

You work full-time or part-time or you are self-employed? You first went through a classical vocational training and wanted to actually still take a bachelor’s degree after that? So far, you thought that would be incompatible with your job or would take several years of study?

With the flexible study concept at TRIAGON, you can fulfill your dreams. You can start directly with our Bachelor programs . Within three years  you will gain your bachelor’s degree! You can study alongside your job. You can flexibly divide your time and you do not even have to change your place of residence: TRIAGON has several study locations, but you will only visit some classes on a few weekends.


Combining Bachelor and Career – How does that work?

During a part-time bachelor study you can continue to work. The study content can be transferred directly into the own professional practice and applied in your daily work.
The study and examination services promote your knowledge transfer. This is particularly evident in TRIAGON’s concept of project-based learning . We will for example ask for an active examination of project developments, practical issues and reflection on professional activity.


This kind of Bachelor’s degree is an investment for your future!

Carrying out your studies with us is a good investment for your professional future. If you already have a job but would like to gather further qualifications, we will give you the possibility.

There are different reasons why you should study alongside your job:

  • You already have experience in your industry and would like to tie directly to your practical knowledge and your work experience
  • You started working before you finished your studies, but now you want to gain an academic degree
  • You would like to receive further qualification in your chosen field of expertise
  • You would like to improve your career prospects through an academic degree
  • You would like to enrich your practical knowledge with knowledge of theory and research
  • You are aiming for a subsequent master’s degree or a doctorate


Structure and format of the Bachelor programs

We offer you different study formats for studying alongside your job . The program is presented in a web-enhanced face-to-face format ..

You are in self-study in a virtual learning environment on our learning platform , working on the didactically prepared scripts, materials and exercises. With your fellow students and lecturers, you can talk through forums and in virtual classrooms (webinars). Onsite seminars take place mostly on the weekends.

The modules are practice-based and presented in a serial format. At one moment, you will only deal with one project or one topic and start a new module after completing your examination. With this, we guarantee the best possible concentration and optimal learning results.


Advantages of our Bachelor

Continued salary

Unlike other students, you can continue to work and are financially independent. In a traditional study there is often only time for a part-time job. Although the students gain a broad theoretical knowledge, they gain relatively little practical experience.


Very good opportunities for advancement

Through the acquired practical experience before and during your studies, you are already a sought-after specialist. The degree will further increase your market value and improve your career prospects. You have many different career opportunities available after graduation! If you do a 1.5 years master after completing your undergraduate studies, you’ll increase your career opportunities even further!


Companies – Studying and working

Companies are happy to hire graduates who have studied alongside their jobs. You will have proven during your studies that you can deal well with double burdens. This proves your high performance, resilience and organizational skills. Ambition and discipline are further unique qualities of in-service students . In addition, according to many entrepreneurs, the graduates are loyal employees who often stay with their company for many years.


Personal value added – linking theory and practice

With a Bachelor’s degree, you not only expand your qualification profile, but also advance your professional career. To do this, you will deal with scientific research and theoretical perspectives. You acquire an analytical way of working and improve your scientific but also practical method competences.