Combining Master and Career 

Do you work in a permanent employment in part or full time? Are you self-employed or a freelancer? Do you have a bachelor’s degree and would like to deepen your specialist knowledge with a master’s degree and get a better specialization?
You would like to keep your job but classical attendance study is out of question because of your professional life?

We think it is time to make your dream come true. At TRIAGON, you can choose from many master programs and get your degree in addition to your professional activity within just 1.5 years! You do not have to change your place of residence and you can freely divide your time. With the full-fledged TRIAGON master, you can secure yourself an academic degree and thus new advancement opportunities after a short time!


Combining Master and Career – How does that work?

A master’s degree is usually awarded after three or four semesters. At TRIAGON, you can get your master’s degree in just 1.5 Years <-> even if you work as an aide. Due to the Bologna reform, the master is fully and internationally recognized .

The study contents and all your examinations are designed to be practical in order to give perfect connection to your job with optimal theory and practice transfer.

You can stay in your job and follow lectures in a virtual real time face-to-face mode at TRIAGON and spend the rest of your time in self-study . However, you are not alone – you can contact your fellow students and lecturers at any time via the learning platform .


Better job opportunities with your master’s degree alongside your job

A master’s degree will open completely new doors for you and significantly improve your job prospects. Master studies at TRIAGON will give you the further qualification that suits you and that will enable you to master the workload despite your job.

Reasons for the Master’s programs alongside your job at TRIAGON:

  • Your master’s degree in just 1.5 years while you can still work alongside your studies
  • Internationally recognized Master’s degree
  • Optimal opportunities for advancement and opportunities for salary increase
  • Innovative concept in web-enhanced face-to-face learning for location- and time-independent learning
  • Strong focus on competences and key skills
  • Combination of practical and expert knowledge and optimal learning transfer
  • Personal interaction through small virtual study groups and academic network
  • Ongoing study coaching for 7 days a week
  • Strong internationalization through bilingual study materials
  • Possibility for subsequent promotion
  • Attractive price / performance ratio


Structure and format of the master programs

Our flexible virtual face-to-face learning and time-independent study model focuses on web-enhanced virtual face-to-face learning and combines high-quality didactic and multimedia-based study materials with self-study .

For the greater part of your study you use the bilingual learning materials on our learning platform . You work with scripts, slides, exercises, case studies, and other activities. With your fellow students and lecturers you meet regularly in virtual classrooms (webinars) and discussion forums.

On some weekends, spread over the academic year, you will have virtual live seminars seminars, training and workshops.

Your exams are designed to work actively by including job-related projects or practical assignments. You can always use your professional context or your company as a field of study. For some study achievements, the reflection of your professional activity is even an explicit part. As you can see: Studying and working on the side can be arranged!


Advantages of the Master

Financial stability

Through extra-occupational study you can continue to work in your profession and enjoy your financial independence . Students of state universities in the full-time master often lack the financial support and excessive student loans and low-paid part-time jobs must be taken.
Combining your master with your career, however, you already work and therefore can live on your ongoing salary and integrate the required coursework into your job.


Practice and professional experience improve future job opportunities

In a conventional study, students gain much theoretical knowledge. Unfortunately, they often lack the practical relevance and professional experience to quickly get on or off the job. Through your practical experience, which you have already collected, you are a first-class specialist. With a master’s degree, you’ll be driving your career forward and leaving your competitors behind you. The master’s degree will also help you to take a higher position in your organization and top up your salary.


Companies rate master degrees carried out alongside the job very positively

Many companies value employees who have completed their studies alongside their jobs. Companies depend on highly qualified specialists and experts. With a master’s degree alongside your job , you not only earn a high academic degree, but also give your career the right kick!
You can deepen your knowledge and your skill to get the next level expert status.


Increase your knowledge in theory and practice

During your studies, you deepen your knowledge in theory and research and at the same time apply the knowledge in your practical projects. In doing so you not only develop your analytical and scientific abilities , but also your methodical and key competences .