Combining Master and Career in just 1.5 years

A master’s degree is usually awarded after three or four semesters of study. At TRIAGON, however, you can now also get your Master’s in 1.5 years via distance learning. The workload in the Master is worth 90 ECTS points. The degree is fully recognized nationally and internationally and entitles you to take a doctoral degree programme .


Our study concept

The study contents in the Master as well as the required examinations are designed to be practical . The concept is that you connect the contents to your professional activity, so that you favour an optimal learning transfer (principle of “action learning” and the learner as a “Reflective Practitioner”).

This can be improved if you work alongside your studies. As occupational days are usually Saturdays, you can work full-time or part-time . Alternatively, you should at least use the academic year for practical employment (for example, longer internships or self-employment planning).

You can design the course regardless of time and place, because most of the time you are in self-study . You will be editing scripts, slides, exercises, case studies, and other activities on our learning platform . For some study achievements, the reflection of your professional activity is an explicit component.

With your fellow students and lecturers, you will meet in virtual classrooms (webinars) and discussion forums during virtual face-to-face seminars.


Study programmes and degrees

At TRIAGON, you can receive the following Master degrees in 1.5 years:

Master of Science

Master Business Administration