Studying is a secured investment for your future. Obtaining a degree will offer infinite career paths.

Students will be able to structure their payments in a flexible manner, we offer monthly, semester or annual payment models. Feel free to contact us and we will create your individual payment and financing plan (even beyond the duration of your studies).



Tips on financing your studies


Funding schemes

Malta offers funding schemes for Maltese residents such as the Get Qualified– all Triagon programmes are approved by this scheme and you can benefit from it if you work and pay income taxes.


Banks Loans

As a student at a private educational academy, you are entitled to student or personal bank loans. You can present the letter of unconditional acceptance to the bank to obtain a student bank loan.


Tips for financing studies and further education

Every German federal state provides funding programs for training and further education. Since these differ from state to state, you should inform yourself individually:


Education bonus

Anyone who works an average of 15 hours per week and whose taxable annual income does not exceed EUR 20,000 (or EUR 40,000 for jointly assessed persons) receives a bonus voucher for further training.
The voucher for the TRIAGON courses has a value of 500 euros.
You can find out where the bonus vouchers are available here:


Student loans and education funds for German nationals

Students and those interested in continuing education are entitled to loans, the repayment of which can be made more flexible than usual. The repayment is usually made some time after graduation in the form of a fixed percentage and taking into account the current income. (Vergleich von 39 Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten)


Scholarships from foundations (for students)

Numerous foundations award scholarships to suitable students in selection processes. Sure, this initially involves a certain amount of application effort, but if you can prove good grades and social commitment and can convincingly justify your choice for the subject, your chances are not that bad. Certain factors related to your origin and your family situation can favor this. (scholarship portal ) (Bundesverband dt. Foundations) (scholarship portal) (Bavarian State Office for Statistics)