Study whilst working

No loss of earnings and immediate application of what you have learned through your studies are two major advantages studying alongside the job. The TRIAGON Academy makes studying whilst working easier! With us, you study only one year in the Bachelor or Master in a virtual manner through seminars. We are embarking prospective students who are already established in their careers. Your training will therefore be fully recognised.


What does studying whilst working mean?

Triagon’s study programmes consists of a course of study that is specifically designed to enable you to manage in parallel with your job. The innovative online synchronous and asynchronous learning format of the TRIAGON Academy is created specifically to suit your needs! You study virtually with the help of modern e-learning methods. Virtuall face-to-face seminars serve to enrich the study through social interaction. You simply pursue your normal profession or perform jobs and internships.


What are the advantages of studying whilst working?

Studying alongside the job is becoming more and more popular because this mode of studying has decisive advantages over conventional studies. At TRIAGON Academy you can

  • study without loss of earnings,
  • pay the tuition fees at the same time
  • link theory directly with practice,
  • study where and when you want thanks to the e-learning method,
  • benefit from additional services and support.


What is the time commitment for part-time studies?

Since our degree programs are designed specifically for working professionals, they may be attended on full or part time basis. The time required for part-time studies varies depending on the required module achievements and your individual learning preferences – as certain modules will be easier and faster for you to learn.

That’s why we make the point of ensuring that you for example can write certain papers with reference to your job or a practical project.


Requirements for studying alongside the job

Studying alongside the job at TRIAGON Academy does not have any special prerequisites that require you to possess a permanent job. This is often the case at other universities.

The only admission requirement for the Bachelor Fast-Track Program is that you have completed vocational training in a related field or have several years of particularly extensive work experience in the desired field of study. These achievements will support you for the 1-year study program.

You may also find a job during your studies in order to study alongside the job or use the time for internships. The same applies to the master’s degree, except that you must first have a university degree.


Where can I study part-time?

Anyone from any location can study alongside the job through any of our registered offices.

Our head office is located in Malta. Additional locations are Ismaning near Munich, Berlin, Unna (near Dortmund), Mannheim, Frankfurt, Vienna and Malta.

You can also combine the locations and, for example, study in Ismaning and take individual modules in Malta.

You can find out more under Locations.


Tips for studying part-time

Studying while working requires a certain degree of flexibility, resilience and solid time management. We can give you the following tips for organizing part-time studies:

  • Apply the theoretical knowledge as often as possible in professional practice to accelerate the learning effect.
  • Plan fixed learning times and look for an undisturbed learning environment for it
  • Set up an adequate learning strategy, which corresponds to your learning type.
  • Use remote contact with lecturers and fellow students to overcome problems more quickly
  • Form study groups with your fellow students and help each other out
  • Mark exam dates in your calendar early and align your learning activities accordingly
  • Plan strategic recovery periods to re-energize yourself
  • Use our multimedia learning materials for efficient self-study