A recognized bachelor’s degree in 1 year through RPL

Learner’s prior learning and qualifications will be recognised to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a fast track-format.


What does Fast-Track Format mean?

The bachelor’s program at the TRIAGON Academy is a further-qualifying bachelor’s degree in a fast-track format in 1 year. With this concept, we are addressing prospective students who have already completed formal vocational training at EQF level 5 or have relevant and equivalent professional experience.

If you meet the requirements, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in 12 months. You only have to complete two semesters, as your professional and formal vocational qualification at EQF level 5 fully recognized and credited with 120 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


What do you learn in the Fast-Track program?

The Fast-Track Bachelor program provided with the you the most important theoretical basics and the essential scientific-academic methods that are necessary for a Bachelor degree in your field. The expansion of your practical skills and the transfer to your professional practice are – in comparison to the scientific methods – somewhat more in the foreground.


What does recognition of prior and professional qualification mean?

In many European countries, the recognition of professional achievements for studies has long been standard and leads to a reduction of the duration of studies in lieu of prior comparable learning. We are taking this principle into account to provide the best learning experience to our students.

The basis for this is that in Malta, as in various other European countries, vocationally acquired achievements are recognised in the same way as academic achievements. In practice, this means that ECVET (European Credits for Vocational Education and Training) are explicitly equivalent to ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The prerequisite for credit transfer and reduction is always subject to a RPL procedures based on learning outcome mapping. We have therefore matched all relevant vocational training programmes with our Bachelor programmes. If the required match is given, we can accept you directly into the third year of the Bachelor’s programme, so that your study time is ideally reduced to 1 year.

If the match is not complete, we can show you ways to achieve the maximum possible and reasonable reduction. Under certain circumstances, a few additional modules or preliminary courses may be enough to gain admission. We check this in each individual case. Please contact us or send us your documents.