Studying as a mature student – is that possible?

Continuous education is important at any age. We have the right concept to make this happen without giving up your current life.


The answer is clearly YES!

Studying at the age of 30, 40 or 50 is even becoming more and important because of the rapid technological change and the increasing demands in the workplace. If you don´t care for lifelong leaning today can quickly be pushed out of the job market. TRIAGON Academy offers you the possibility to update and upgrade your qualification and to balance your study programme with your work and your private obligations.

The following developments contribute to this:

  • The high complexity of the business world in times of globalization and digitization
  • Constantly increasing professional demands
  • Demand for professional flexibility
  • Desire for activity, self-realization, and positive self-esteem
  • Longer employment due to higher retirement age
  • Longer lifespan through medical innovations

Students used to start their studies in their early twenties. However, the times have changed. Taking up a first or second degree at the age of 30 or more is no longer uncommon these days. Especially for people who are working in professions that offer few opportunities for promotion academic degrees still offer the opportunity for a next career move.


We know your needs.

At the TRIAGON Academy, the courses are tailored to the needs of working professionals, lateral and re-entrants from every age group. We fully recognize your prior qualification und your professional achievements. If you have the adequate credentials, you can obtain a bachelor’s degree even in one year and a master’s degree in just 1 or 1.5 additional years.

It is our pleasure to support you in finding the right programme. Talk to us.

Which courses can I study?

You can study all our courses at the TRIAGON Academy. We offer a wide range of courses that cover the following subject areas:
• Management (z.B. Bachelor Management)
• Psychology (z.B. Master Psychology)
• Sport (z.B. Bachelor Sport Science)
The portfolio will be constantly expanded.

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