Studying when you have children

Studying with a child is often challenging; however, this does not have to be the reason to hinder a parent from reaching his or her academic and professional goals. But how should studying with a child work? Maybe you think that time is limited and you cannot give up your job to study? Many degree programs are designed for full-time. Traditional lectures and the seminars are time-consuming, but also the preparation for the exams is rather heavy.We know your needs!

At TRIAGON Academy, you can complete your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a short period of time through recognition for prior learning. With the necessary admission requirements, without much time pressure and also if you work. The TRIAGON degree has a lot of advantages that a state university or college cannot offer you.



Advantages at the TRIAGON Academy for studying when you have children


Flexible study in terms of time

At the TRIAGON Academy, your prior vocational qualifications will be fully recognized. You can join the Fast-Track Bachelor program through RPL, which consists mostly of self-learning phases and only a few face-to-face seminars. You can divide the study phases relatively freely during your studies and thus have more time for your children.The modules are designed in such a way that you run through them one after the other.
So you can always concentrate on a specific topic without being overwhelmed by too much input or compact exam phases.


Study regardless of location

The TRIAGON study is location-independent, as you should only be present on a few weekends for traditional face-to-face lessons. You spend most of the study time at home. On the learning platform you will find all your study materials and can get in touch with your fellow students and lecturers at any time through individual tutorials. Part of the knowledge transfer also takes place via virtual classrooms and webinars. If you are prevented from doing so, you can watch the recording later.


Profession can continue to be exercised

If you are in employment (full-time or even just part-time), then you can of course continue to practice your profession. The study model of the TRIAGON Academy allows you to combine work, study and childcare commitments. The learning platform is available to you 24 hours a day and your seminars (virtual or in attendance) are only available on selected weekends.



Funding opportunities for studying with a child

Compared to studying at a state university, we incur monthly costs.
An overview of the TRIAGON tuition fees can be found here.
If you can’t work on the side and thus finance your studies, you have other good options:


Childcare supplement (BAföG)

You can apply for the BAföG childcare supplement for your child. As a rule, you will receive a sum of 113.00 euros for your first child and 85 euros for a second child. However, this supplement is only granted if the course of study is not suspended for more than three months. Here you can find more information:


Child benefit

Another possibility of financial support is the classic child benefit. Children in adolescence receive this grant without further conditions. During a part-time course of study, you may also be able to assert additional claims. On this page you will find current information on the topic:




Scholarships can also reduce the costs of studying as financial help. These are usually awarded by church, economic and private institutions. Students with children have real advantages in awarding scholarships! Here you will find a good list of scholarship donors in Germany:

Children’s supplement

If you cannot afford the accommodation for your child, then you can apply for a child supplement. This is credited to the child benefit and can amount to up to 170 euros per month:


Maintenance advance

If you are a single parent and the other parent pays only irregularly or no maintenance at all, then you can receive a maintenance advance. This depends on the age of the child. A maximum of 268 euros can be paid out if the child is between 12 and 17 years old. More information can be found here:


Maternity benefit

Before or immediately after the birth, the maternity allowance can be applied for. This is paid for by the health insurance company and can only be granted if you are not co-insured with your parents. You get ewe money six weeks before and eight weeks after birth. Here you can find out even better about it:,did=40164.html