Education for All – learning with accessible arrangements

Prospective students entering tertiary education must not only ensure that the provision of academic services is up to the highest standards but they have to make the right choices when it comes to the resources and infrastructure available at a particular Higher Education Institution. At Triagon Academy, learners with different abilities and requirements face no barriers. The Academy offers advanced resources and fosters the best student-centric culture that allows learners to have the best educational experience of their lives.

Learners at Triagon Academy can use the educational facilities without restrictions.


TRIAGON study programs are accessible for all!

• with suitable vocational training and prior learning, students may obtain their bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relatively short period
• Triagon’s teaching and learning model is extremely flexible: learning takes place from the comfort of your home with few onsite phases
• Constant exchange and contact with fellow students and lecturers via the learning platform and through regular virtual seminars
• Multi-media preparation of the learning materials on the platform – all learning types are taken into account
• Learning-oriented module planning , concentration on individual course contents (serial sequence)
• Optimal support and services as well as networking (e.B. career coaching, mentoring)
• Campus equipment suitable for the disabled
• Easy connection to public transport
• Possibility of extending the duration of the study programme
• Simple admission regulations.


Counselling at our university for students with disabilities

At the beginning of a course of study, many questions regarding the organization and admission to study will be address by our student support team. You can contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you and give you information on all questions. Important questions can be:

– Are there any additional applications that I can submit before starting my studies?
– How can I best organize and structure my studies in the event of illness-related absences and absenteeism?
– What are the requirements placed on me during my studies?


Other counselling centres:

Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability