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Study Design – become a professional Media Designer!

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Creative Media (Design) top-up

Applications open for fall 2024

  • Short programme: 2 semesters
  • Flexible study alongside your job
  • No NC (numerus clausus)
  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Industry experts as lecturers
  • Strong practical relevance
  • Academic Progression: Master of Science in Project Studies or MBA

Are you passionate about  communication design, photography or animation? Do you have a good eye for design detail – and would you like to use your talent to find your dream job? At the TRIAGON Academy you can deepen your knowledge within a year with a bachelor’s degree in media design. This is how you advance your career in the media industry.

You can ideally combine our highly efficient digital study format which consists of a combination of virtual face-to-face seminars and self-study phases. Through project-based learning, you bring your media design skills to bachelor level.

The opportunities that we offer you as part of your studies are as diverse as the creative industry itself.

Short profile of the Design studies

Duration of study: 2 semesters (1 year)
European Credit Transfer: 60 ECTS points
Mode of Study: Full-time – can be combined with work

Study concept:

Virtual classroom study:

  • Online study with e-learning and live webinars via our learning platform
  • Application-oriented virtual attendance phases usually on weekends
Service Centers: Ismaning (near Munich), Berlin, Unna (near Dortmund), Hamburg, Mannheim, Frankfurt am Main
Seal of quality: Accredited by MFHEA (Malta Further and Higher Education Authority)
Costs: €7,480 (total; flexible payment models possible)
Postgraduate course:

Master in Project Studies (MSc), Master of Business Administration

What is the media programme about?

You can decide whether to specialize in communication, digital or graphic design, print or photography during your studies. Based on your interests, you can also choose to work on specific projects as part of your academic achievements. In this way, you can set individual targets and priorities – and your studies may be related to  animation design studies, information design  or graphic design studies . You decide!  your studies – your choice.

In addition to  practical projects  , you will also learn professional  project planning, implementation and presentation in the media design course . Transversal elements are also part of your studies: You will deal with various communication techniques, among other things .

Your learning content includes:

  • In-depth knowledge of the use of common media technologies
  • Skills regarding the use of instruments for your chosen areas (e.g.  digital or graphic design, print, photography)
  • Independent planning, control & development of media projects
  • Creation of media products for advertising purposes
  • Corporate design & web design


No matter where your passion lies: With a degree in media design from TRIAGON, all doors are open to you for your career in the creative industry .

Expert Opinions

“Media is our future: In our digitized world, the modern labor market is increasingly requiring media design specialists. With your studies at the TRIAGON Academy, you set a milestone for your career with a well-founded education institution- and at the same time you benefit from our extensive network. So you will be very well trained for a prosperous future in this sector.”
Horst Haubrich, head of the Creative Media department

Expert Opinions

“Media is our future: In our digitized world, the modern labor market is increasingly requiring media design specialists. With your studies at the TRIAGON Academy, you set a milestone for your career with a well-founded education institution- and at the same time you benefit from our extensive network. So you will be very well trained for a prosperous future in this sector.”
Horst Haubrich, head of the Creative Media department

Recognition and Accreditation of the Study Programme

Triagon is a Higher Education Institution with international accreditation. Our institution meets the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) as well as the requirements of the German Science Council (WR).

This has been confirmed by the distinguished German accreditation agency ACQUIN, which is a full member of EQAR. The institutional accreditation were granted in full and without conditions.

All degree programmes are accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA), at levels 6 (Bachelor), 7 (Master) and 8 (Doctorate) of the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) and the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF) respectively.

All Triagon degrees are internationally recognised and strictly adhere to the standards and requirements for higher education laid out in the Bologna Process. All study programmes offered by Triagon enable students to pursue further studies (e.g. a Master's degree or a doctorate) on an international level.

1-year online bachelor’s degree with the opportunity for recognition of previous education*!

Our innovative virtual classroom study explained in one word: flexible!

What awaits you:

  • Online learning platform for your self-study
  • Exchange with fellow students
  • Case Study Based Learning
  • Own project work
  • Practical studies                                                     

You can complete studies alongside your job. It is up to you whether you work during your studies or not. This is not relevant for your enrolment.

Features of our digital learning concept:

  • Recognition of professional achievements:
    Professional experience and your lifelong training are considered an asset for us!
  • Study flexibly alongside your job:
    The flexibility of the virtual classroom study enables you to study alongside your job , including the transfer of knowledge into practice.
  • The best of two worlds: The synthesis of distance learning and virtual presence phases:
    At the Triagon Academy, the specific advantages of distance learning (independence of time and location) are combined with the advantages of virtual presence phases (social contact including mutual exchange) – so you study flexibly!
  • Multimedia documents for all types of learners:
    The multimedia learning materials on our learning platform (video lectures, online tutorials, online tests, lecture slides with audio, PDF guidelines) enable you to learn efficiently. All types of learners can benefit.
  • Better learning progress by studying in the block model:
    You first go through a course module in its entirety before the next module starts. This allows you to focus on one topic.
  • Case study-based learning for increased action competence:
    Here you will find further information on the study concept of the Triagon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our student advisory service at any time – we will be happy to help you!

Overview of the bachelor’s degree

The Bachelor of Science in Creative Media (Design) study program is designed to provide learners with the core skills in the field of Design. It comprises four modules that you complete consecutively within 12 months. Your studies will be completed with your bachelor thesis.

In the first module you will deal with current developments in the field of Design. You will also deepen your skills in research and practice.

This enables you to work on your individual project within the wide spectrum of Design in the second module.

The third module is designed to provide in-depth skills on research methods in preparation for your thesis. Here, our study program pays special attention to a current cultural and contextual reference.

So you are excellently equipped to write your thesis in the fourth module.

The course comprises a total of 60 ECTS credits.

Your learning content

Your learning content:

  • Understanding your role as a media designer on a local, national and international level
  • Production processes & professional practices within creative media
  • Media & design in a historical and current context
  • Systematic knowledge of research practices, procedures and traditions
  • Dealing with creative processes
  • Critical Management & Self-Reflection
  • Independent work in groups (independent forms of learning)
  • Communication & media processes as a basis for investigating political and ethical issues

Your modules in the B.Sc. Creative Media (Design):

Module 1: Current topics in research and practice

This module shall provide the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to the students to autonomously transform research elements into practical ones – this shall allow the students to demonstrate their competencies, incorporating many of the research skills and data analysis developed throughout self-study and direct instruction. The aims of the module are to enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the problems and complexities of conducting project research by requiring them to complete the full process of designing and eventually creating the project.

Assessment:  preliminary proposal (20%), project literature review (80%)

Module 2: Your specialization as a design expert

In the second phase of your studies, you will further specialize in your area. This also means that you carry out an independent project in the field of Design . This is how you deepen your theoretical skills from the first module.

Assessment : Reflective Journal (20%), Project (80%)

Module 3: Critical and contextual studies in Creative Media

This module shall provide learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to ask questions and find answers; specifically, those bearing on Design in the broad sense and to the conventional means to present these. The experience of the module is structured in a way that leads to the submission of the dissertation proposal. The discourse shall include answers to questions that range from practical or theoretical ‘how to’ or ‘what is’ exercises; to simple ‘what do you think?’ form of analysis or reflection; to complex structured responses in the form of the proposal.

Assessment:  Dissertation proposal

Module 4: Thesis

In order to successfully complete your studies, you will write a thesis in the last module . You will work out a critical study on a topic of your choice in the field of Design . The topic of your work can be practical, theoretical, technical or historical. You can choose your own topic.

Assessment: Dissertation with Presentation 

Of course, you will be individually and professionally supported by us during the process of writing your thesis.

Free study advice and consultations with our experts

Deine Ansprechpartnerin Bianca Schneider.
Bianca Schneider
This is how you reach me personally

+49 089/ 45 35 218-0

Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Service Study locations

Triagon delivery model is based on virtual face-to-face approach. Despite its remote teaching and learning methods, Triagon Academy offers academic and student support services in a number of its Service Study Centers. These locations locations are strategically distributed throughout the GAS region and thus enable optimal access to student support regardless of where you live. The main Service Study Center is in Malta; however there are a number of other centers in Germany, Bavaria, namely: North Rhine-Westphalia; Berlin, Hamburg; Hesse and Baden-Württemberg.

Our Study Service Centers have free WiFi , modern multimedia equipment , bright tutorial rooms for individual or small to medium-sized group tutorials, and some have their own catering and accommodation options.

​Target group and important requirements

Would you like to know whether the Design degree is right for you? The following qualities are helpful prerequisites for successful studies – and for your later professional life:

  • Media technology and creative understanding
  • Knowledge of using common software
  • Enjoy learning in a virtual learning environment
  • Interest in information, animation, graphic and communication design
  • Passion for multimedia

The B.Sc. Creative Media in Design is a top-up degree program . You can acquire it in addition to an already acquired vocational training qualification – for example as a graphic designer – or a comparable training.

If you have another professional qualification or professional experience, then get in touch with us we will be happy to advise you individually on your admission.

Your studies at TRIAGON

When developing our study program, we took into account that personal situations and commitments of a prospective student change over time. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to adapt your studies to your life and professional commitments with the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Creative Media (Design).

TRIAGON has set itself the goal of enabling as many people as possible to study. The flexible study model offers many opportunities for different life situations:

  • Studying as a mature student
  • Studying with family
  • Study without barriers

Job Description: Media Designer

Where do Design graduates work?

Media designers work in a wide variety of industries. The most common employers include the gaming industry , media, marketing and multimedia agencies , as well as publishers and editors . Many media designers work on a freelance basis as designers, animators, illustrators or game designers.


What tasks do Designers take on?

The range of tasks after graduation is very diverse:                          

  • Graphic, communication and information design
  • product design
  • Development of clips & animated messages (motion design)
  • Development of logos & brand identities (corporate design)
  • App design, video editing, screen design
  • project management
  • Editorial design, web design, frontend development
  • game design


What are the future prospects for Designers?

Media experts  are in high demand in our digitized world . Due to the role of media , there is a high demand for media designers on the job market.

Anyone who specializes in a certain area during their studies has very good career prospects. Design specialists will be highly sought after in the future, especially for the development of games and mobile apps . No matter which area of specialization you choose, thanks to the practical skills you obtain through the course learning at TRIAGON Academy,  you will convince your employer !


What do designers earn?

If you work as a media designer, your starting salary depends on  your practical experience  and  your personal network  . We will support you in building your network during your time with us. Depending on professional experience and position, the starting salary can be around EUR 3,000 gross per month. In higher positions you can earn up to 4,500 euros gross per month.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must fulfil the General Entry Requirements for admission, namely, the Matriculation Certificate and Secondary Education Certificate passes at Grade 5 or better in English Language and Mathematics. Students must also produce evidence of language proficiency at a B2 level referred to CEFR in the language of instruction.

If students do not fulfill all the requirements, they can take additional preparatory courses.

For you this means:

  • Studying without NC (numerus clausus)
  • Studying without a high school diploma
  • Minimum age 20 years
  • secondary school certificate
  • Knowledge of German (C1)
  • Knowledge of English (B2)
  • Subject-related training (e.g. as a media designer: in audio & video)


We would be happy to verify your credentials free of charge and without obligation to indicate your eligibility to this programme. Simply contact us by email at: or by phone: +49 089/ 45 35 218-0 .

Advanced study program

With your Bachelor in Creative Media (Design), the progression to the next higher academic qualification at TRIAGON is the Master of Science in Project Studies and the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Tuition and Funding

The monthly tuition fees (for 12 installments) are 575 euros (plus registration and examination fees). The entire course costs 7,480 euros, which is well below the fees charged by other private universities.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions