Recognised Degrees

The study models of our TRIAGON Schools are unique and innovatively designed. Our mission is to fully recognise professional experience and professional education, and to enable our target group professionals and experienced academic graduates to study without any detour.

To achieve this goal, we have entered into a cooperation with the MFHEA (Malta Further and Higher Education Authority).  Our TRIAGON study models were jointly developed by TRIAGON and MFHEA and accredited by the MFHEA.

All academic degrees (bachelor, master and doctoral degrees) of our TRIAGON study programmes are awarded by the NCFHE. This explains why examinations are to be written in English – your written work and exams will be evaluated jointly by lecturers from TRIAGON and NCFHE.

All degrees awarded by the NCFHE are state degrees and at the same time internationally recognised . In addition they are full degrees through the Bologna reform. All degrees awarded at TRIAGON will therefore internationally recognised degrees (Bachelor, Master or PhD).