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Aufstiegsfortbildung: Blitzschnell zu mehr Gehalt und Verantwortung!

Professional advancement, higher salaries and better opportunities on the job market are central motives for advancement training. The TRIAGON Academy is your point of contact when it comes to realizing these goals! We offer you practical and academic training in a compact form through recognition of prior learning that you can acquire alongside your job. If you meet the relevant requirements as stipulated in Triagon’s RPL policy, you can even achieve a bachelor’s degree in just 1 year!

What is advanced training?

Advancement training helps you to reach the next hierarchy level or salary level and is usually associated with an increased area of ​​responsibility and competence. In an advanced training course, you deal with learning content that enables you to perform more complex, responsible tasks in your specialist area.
Advancement training is a special form of training that differs significantly from simple training in terms of scope and quality. At TRIAGON this means that you dedicate yourself to your professional and personal development for a year. Exciting learning content, tasks, practical projects and a lot of personal feedback will ultimately lead you to higher qualifications.
Let yourself be advised today about all the possibilities for advancement training at the TRIAGON Academy!

What are the advantages of advancement training at TRIAGON?

Advancement training is associated with numerous advantages. TRIAGON offers you:

  • Higher professional qualifications through a focus on action and key competencies
  • Opportunity to increase your salary or move up the corporate hierarchy through promotion
  • Better chances in the job market
  • Academic degree after only 1 year (with crediting) – even without a high school diploma or Matura
  • Flexible, time and place-independent learning through the blended learning concept
  • Personal development through supervision, tutorial support and services
  • Top lecturers from the industry with practical know-how
  • Credit for your performance in the form of ECTS points
  • Attractive price / performance ratio


What forms of advancement training does TRIAGON offer?

At the TRIAGON Academy you can obtain a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree as advanced training. Which program is suitable for you depends on your personal requirements and goals.
Basically, all of our programs can be followed in a flexible mode and in a blended learning format. You can expect a high proportion of self-study and e-learning via our learning platform. Face-to-face seminars only take place on a few weekends.

Overview of the TRIAGON advanced training courses:

  • Bachelor programme: Students who have obtained their Matriculation certificate which is equivalent to MQF level 4 have the option of completing the course with practical and scientific components in three years.
  • Bachelor (Fast-Track through Recognition of Prior Learning) : Students who have already completed formal vocational training at EQF level 5 have the option of completing a 1-year flexible course with practical and scientific components.
  • Master : Two to three semesters of flexible study as a build-up to a Bachelor, Magister or state examination for people with a special interest in scientific, analytical work and the development of leadership skills


Example of advancement training at TRIAGON
Have you already completed an apprenticeship as a hotel clerk and have several years of professional experience? You enjoy your job, the team management suits you and you feel the desire to take on a new challenge in the direction of hotel management?
Then you can take a shortened bachelor’s degree through recognition of prior learning, With the Sector Specific Study Specialisation, which is one of the major components of the BSc in Business Administration, and which can focus on different areas such as hotel management, student can enroll  in this programme that offer endless opportunities for lifelong learning! You will receive a recognized bachelor’s degree after 12 months if you qualify for recongition of prior learning. With the bachelor’s degree, you have a good chance of advancement within the company, which means more responsibility and more salary.
Do you want to go further after that? Then follow up with a compact master’s degree in tourism management and qualify for the top management of your hotel chain.

In-service advanced training thanks to the blended learning format

At the TRIAGON Academy, you can take part in the advanced training course. Our virtual study format, paired with occasional face-to-face seminars (i.e. blended learning), allows you to study comfortably alongside your job – completely independent of time and place.
In addition to this flexibility, practical orientation is also very important to us. Our curricula are designed in such a way that you can transfer what you have learned directly into practice at the workplace and achieve a particularly sustainable learning effect.
With part-time advancement training, you can present yourself to your employer as particularly ambitious, which they will certainly appreciate and reward. With a little luck, your employer will also contribute financially to the advancement training – after all, high-quality staff is one of the most important success factors of a company.

What are the admission requirements for advanced training courses?

The admission requirements vary depending on the program:

  • Bachelor : The admission requirement for studying at the Triagon Academy is a Matriculation Certificate (high school diploma or comparable training). In addition, the students must also provide proof of language skills at B2 level related to CEFR in the language of instruction.
  • Master : Completion of a university degree (Bachelor, Magister or state examination)

You can find more information under admission requirements .