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Mit einem berufsbegleitenden Bachelorstudium zum Erfolg

Invest in your future!

Your studies with us are a good investment in your professional future. If you are already working and want to gain further qualifications, then we will make it possible for you.

There are various reasons for studying part-time:

  • You already have experience in your industry and would like to directly build on your practical knowledge and professional experience
  • You started working before your studies, but now want to acquire an academic degree
  • You want to gain further qualifications or specialize in your field of study
  • With an academic degree you want to improve your chances of advancement
  • You want to enrich your practical knowledge with knowledge of theory and research
  • You are aiming for a subsequent master’s degree or a doctorate


What is a flexible bachelor’s degree programme?

You can continue to pursue employment during an extra-occupational bachelor’s degree . In this form of study, the course content can be transferred directly to your own professional practice and applied.

The study and examination achievements promote your knowledge transfer. This is particularly evident at Triagon through the concept of project-based learning . We demand, among other things, an active engagement with project developments, practical issues and reflection on professional activity.

A flexible bachelor’s degree programme can be offered in various study formats. Triagon offers you an innovative variant in a blended learning design and a serial modular structure .

You are viewing a large part in the self-study in a virtual learning environment on our learning platform and editing the scripts prepared training materials and exercises. You can exchange ideas with your fellow students and lecturers via forums and in virtual classrooms (webinars). Face-to-face seminars take place predominantly on the weekends.


Studying semi-virtual – what does that mean?

In principle, the term „semi-virtual“ stands for the synthesis of face-to-face and distance learning . And of course, above all, we want to bring together the advantages of both worlds. In our study model, which is independent of location and time, we rely on blended learning and combine high-quality didactic and multimedia-based study materials for self-study with a few face-to-face seminars:

  • Online learning platform for your self-study
  • Attendance phases largely on weekends
  • Expert workshops
  • Case study-based learning
  • Online tests with comparison solutions for your own learning objective control
  • Own project work.

A large part of the practical course work is aimed at the application of knowledge and methods in your professional practice. Your personal development is stimulated through the use of learning and reflection techniques , the exchange with your fellow students in virtual meetings and the individual tutorial support with supervision and study coaching.

Virtual classrooms and webinars are offered for all modules via the learning platform . In the face-to-face seminars, scientific content is discussed and the methodical application of specialist and key competencies is deepened and practiced.

Despite the adverse circumstances that have resulted from the current pandemic situation, we have succeeded in transferring all teaching and service offers completely into virtuality. In this way, we were able to offer all of our students a full course of study even during the pandemic.


Serial module arrangement

You probably already have both feet on the ground in your professional life and have therefore already experienced how important it can be to concentrate and focus on one thing. It is precisely this aspect that we take up in our study model: All study modules are arranged in series – one after the other. In a relatively short and manageable period of four to six weeks, you will concentrate on a specific topic and be prepared for the examination. In addition to your job, you only deal with one single, special study topic at Triagon. So you always have an overview and you won’t get bogged down.


Linking theory and practice

With a degree you broaden your qualification profile on a broad basis. On the basis of your practical experience, you will deal with scientific research and theoretical perspectives. You will acquire an analytical way of working and improve your practical methodological skills  . So that this succeeds, our modules have a particularly practical structure. This also applies to theoretical and scientific fields: We always offer the opportunity to integrate your current professional situation into your studies. In this way we guarantee you the best possible concentration and high learning effects.


Student coaching

It can always happen that unexpected difficulties or problems arise in the course of a degree. So if, for example, an examination could not be performed or was not passed or  serious changes occur in your private environment, our specialist staff is at your disposal. Specially trained employees help with organizational questions about the course of studies as well as with personal and difficult questions and decisions. Especially with short study formats, it is important to react immediately to changes or problems. Because our common goal is your successful graduation.


What is a fast track format?

The bachelor’s degree in the fast-track format at Triagon is a course which takes into consideration prior learning (formal, informal or non-formal).

With this concept, we are addressing prospective students who, after completing vocational training, a first degree or long professional experience , would like to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a short period of time . Within the framework of the legal possibilities, extensive crediting of preliminary work is possible in a three-year bachelor’s degree , usually in the form of suitable professional training. Ideally, up to two thirds of the modules to be completed can be compensated through transfer of credits. In such a case, and if the student qualifies for such recognition, the bachelor’s fast-track program only lasts  12 months,  but includes the most essential scientific and academic aspects that are necessary for a bachelor’s degree. The expansion of the competence to act and the transfer into professional practice, however, are in the foreground.