You Bachelor’s degree in just one year

On the fast track to your Bachelor’s degree with our one-year Top-Up programme


What does Top-Up programme mean?

The bachelor’s programme at TRIAGON is a further qualification as top-up programme . With this concept, we turn to prospective students who already have completed prior vocational training or professionally relevant and equivalent work experience.

If you meet the requirements, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in just 12 months . You will only complete two semesters, as your professional experience is fully recognised and is rewarded and credited with 120 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


What will you learn in our Top-Up programme?

In our top-up Bachelor programme, we will teach you the most important theoretical foundations and the essential scientific-academic methods that are necessary for a Bachelor’s degree in the field of your specialisation. The extension of your practical skills and the transfer into your professional practice are – in comparison to the scientific methods – even more in the foreground.


Is the Top-Up programme recognised?

In many European countries, including Malta and the UK, recognition of professional achievement for study has long been standard and results in a reduction in study duration .
Aditionally all programmes that are offered by TRIAGON are accredited officially in Malta which assures that they are recognised in Europe and internationally through the implications of the Bollogna process.